Are you starting or growing your business?

Could you use support to effectively manage the process from going to idea to launch so that you could generate revenue?

Consider me like your interim
co founder, with

I help in two major ways

01  Starting

Got an Idea? Are you looking to ideate the name, business model, creating branding, generally setting up your business for success?

Start here. Bring your idea to life with effective strategy and execution.

02  Growing

Is your business launched but you somehow think that you can be getting more out of it? You ever heard of working on your business vs working in your business? Looking at your business from the bird’s eye view and help you increase efficiency and grow revenue.

Do you want to build the brand of your dreams?

Do you think you can be getting more out of your business?

What you get





It’s more about execution and less about the idea

Get support from someone who has done it before. Starting is easier to staying on the path of resistance. Most businesses fail, don’t let that be yours.

We Focus on 3 Pillars

Let's get started

First things first, pay dues

Start your business


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Next Steps


Book a discovery call


Budget Planning


Build a project plan


Iterate to revenue


Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

Sasan Tabib

Tedd built and led our R&D Department that we didn’t know we needed. He built our ERP system that replaced our legacy CRM, which helped us scale from $80m to $1B annnaully in 3 years.


Zoe Young

Tedd is an inspiring strategist that help you turn your idea to reality, more than anything helps you take the elevator not the stairs.

A&R and Founder

Andrew Lee

After exiting my company PIA, I’ve started many venture there after. Tedd is instrumental in helping developing those. 

Crown Prince of Joseon + Ex Co-Founder

Time to GROW!

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