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Hello, My name is Tedd Bernard

I thrive in connecting with people of all backgrounds and taking on opportunities that allow me to share knowledge and help others. I am strategic, analytical, and hands-on.

I work with businesses and brands in need of technological and growth-oriented guidance for the launch of programs and small business units. I spent five years in Dubai, where I built ventures in Germany, the Philippines, and India. I’ve worked with solopreneurs and with owners with multiple offices around the world, 150+ employees, doing $50+ million a year ARR. I specialize in growth strategy and in systems and product development. Immersing myself in the fundamentals of international business operations and strategic marketing became conducive to the support I give my clients now in the states. 

Originally from Miami, I now call Los Angeles my home base. I am a Pisces who lives by ENTJ-A classification (Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgment, Assertive).


My mission is to create meaningful online, offline, and marketplace experiences. 


My Vision is to be an impactful business leader and humanitarian. (Philanthropist for IG)

I'm the host for Tedd Talks at Helpfluencers Podcast.

We’re a podcast about influencers who help.

As a collective that explores the opportunities in the infuencer + gig economy, we love to share stores and insights of people who’ve mastered the system. We talk about the gig economy, the challenges we face, what it means to be a freelancer, and the tips and tricks to make it through as professionals in the space. We help share and connect to communities, and we offer insights as we move away from the nine-to-five.

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