Getting to Know Tedd Bernard

Hello, My name is Tedd Bernard

and I am a native of Little Haiti, in Miami, FL. I am strategic, analytical, and hands-on.

I enjoy connecting with people of all backgrounds and walks of life. As an advocate for people-centricity, selflessness, and service, I love to take on opportunities that allow me to share knowledge and lend helping hands to others.

I am Pisces who lives by ENTJ-A classification (Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgment, Assertive).


In the professional realm, I provide consultation services to businesses and brands in need of technological and growth-oriented guidance for the launch of programs and small business units. My business comprises five years in Dubai, where I built ventures in Germany, the Philippines, and India. Through this experience, I immersed myself in the fundamentals of international business operations and strategic marketing, which became conducive to the support I would later give to my clients. As of the past year, I moved back to the states to Los Angeles, CA, where I have expanded my network and made a home. 


To date, I am currently diversifying the portfolio of Almost Famous Group, along with the Helpfluencers Podcast. 


As an entity that supports the incubation, growth, and investment of start-ups, Almost Famous Group was discovered as a life model. We believe that everyone is striving to earn recognition, Almost Famous Group focuses on those looking to make either global or local impacts through hybrid online and offline experiences.


My mission is to fulfill a legacy while creating and helping to curate meaningful online, offline, and marketplace experiences. With a sense of responsibility to the community, my goal is to contribute to the change, growth and overall progression of the current lifestyles, habits and ways of thinking, which can be done through close observations of collected data, learned behaviors, and personal experiences.


My Vision is to be an impactful business leader and humanitarian. (Philanthropist for IG)

I'm the host for Tedd Talks at Helpfluencers Podcast.

We’re a podcast about influencers who help.

As a collective that explores the opportunities in the infuencer + gig economy, we love to share stores and insights of people who’ve mastered the system. We talk about the gig economy, the challenges we face, what it means to be a freelancer, and the tips and tricks to make it through as professionals in the space. We help share and connect to communities, and we offer insights as we move away from the nine-to-five.

Are you brand looking to work with a helpfluencer?

Are you a helpfuencer looking to start or grow your business?

Stay updated with what I’ve got going on. I send out monthly updates with projects I’m working on, people I’m working with, lessons learned and what I’m most looking forward to.

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