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I'm Tedd Bernard

I specialize in growth strategy and in systems and product development. I use my 15 years experience working with solopreneurs and owners across the globe to help influencers build sustainable, scalable brands. I take ideas and bring them to life!​

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I host the Helpfluencers Podcast.

We chat with people who use their influence to help.

We are a collective who explores opportunities in the influencer + gig economy, sharing stories and insights from people who’ve mastered the system. We talk about the marketplace, the challenges we face, what it means to be a freelancer, and the tips and tricks to make it through as professionals in the space. We help share and connect communities, and we offer strategic advice as we move away from the traditional nine-to-five.

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Legacy of Social Responsibility

I believe helping is how every entrepreneurial journey begins and how every business venture thrives. Since founding my own philanthropic organization as a teen, giving back remains a cornerstone of my personal success. 

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